Blue Gate 1.2kva Ups With Internal AVR

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The 1230VA Blue Gate UPS (1.2kva) has more capacity for longer backup than the 650VA bluegate UPS offers. With the 1230VA unit, you can expect over 20 minutes of backup time on normal load. This Bluegate UPS unit will take computers and computer peripherals or domestic equipment such as TVs up to Plasma TV, decoders and such domestic electrical appliances.

Bluegate UPS has gained a lot of recognition in the Nigerian market as a reliable UPS system. More users are going for this product because of the unique combination of satisfactory performance and reasonable pricing. Blue Gate UPS is relatively more affordable and still able to deliver quality performance.

Your Bluegate UPS can be sure to protect your system from damage, especially an unpleasant crash when the power supply suddenly fails. Being able to achieve this protection with a relatively inexpensive uninterruptible power supply unit is certainly a benefit you should take advantage of. What’s more, you prevent loss of vital data and other digital resources that can result from sudden power outage, when there is no UPS backup.

Here are some of the unique qualities the Blue Gate UPS range is credited with:

Wide input voltage window

Boost and buck AVR

Cold start function

Intelligent CPU control

SMD technology to save space

Protection for short circuit and overload

Both audible and indication lamp alarm functions

Protection for overcharge, deep discharge and automated charge current regulation

Wide input frequency range and compatible with small generators

Intelligent battery management

Dry contact communication with monitoring software

Optional RS232 and USB

Bluegate UPS can be trusted to deliver the backup performance you need. The 1230VA Bluegate unit provides enough capacity for what most users need.



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