Mankiw MK20 Car Real-Time Tracking Two-Way Talk GPS Tracker

23,500.00 21,455.00

1. Positioning function: GPS satellite + beidou satellite + base station double star positioning, positioning more accurate
2. Recording function: high fidelity DSP technology noise reduction, multiple stereo remote recording. One key recording,
clear and clear
3. Remote pick-up: click the sound on the APP, enter the phone number that can be answered, and the device can dial
the phone number to hear the situation around the device
4. Historical view: keep the device running track within 3 months
5. Alarm function: virtual electronic fence, set the regional scope, and can report to the police beyond this range.
Subjected to certain intensity vibration alarm, low electric quantity alarm
6. Power saving function: super long standby, up to 10 days, simple operation, strong magnetic free installation


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