Mercury Maverick 850va UPS With AVR & Surge Control

21,800.00 19,799.00

Ensure you charge this UPS for a Minimum of 6 hrs. before using it.
Always on point with the Mercury line of products. It has stood the test of times to be one of the leading makers of Line-interactive backup ups for all applications. It has no dulling effect whatsoever.
No need to get your desktop computer hard drive crashing or losing your work when on the PC. No need to having to loose your favorite TV program due to power failure and having to wait for minutes to get it back up again. This unit will sustain power until you put on your generator for continuity of use again.
Mercury Maverick 850VA UPS features a Boost and buck AVR, three LED indicators for easy understanding and is fully digitized microprocessor controlled. Efficient and durable, Ideal for PC, TV, Sound system etc.
Backup now to protect your valuables from surge, brownouts and over voltages that might arise from your generator or public utility power. It is guaranteed that with the use of UPS for your gadgets, you have over a lifetime of us of your power devices. No more frequent purchases of that your laptop power adapter or Phone chargers.
This UPS can be sure to protect your system from damage, especially an unpleasant crash when the power supply suddenly fails. Being able to achieve this protection with a relatively inexpensive uninterruptible power supply unit is certainly a benefit you should take advantage of. What’s more, you prevent loss of vital data and other digital resources that can result from a sudden power outage, when there is no UPS backup.


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