Vectronic 2kVA Vectronic UPS

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Vectronic range of UPS, Deep Cycle Batteries, Inverter, AVR and other alternative power products are carefully designed to world-class standards for discerning customers who require the utmost reliability and enhanced protection for their Home Entertainment Systems, PC & Workstations, Servers, Printers and other diverse applications.

Vectronic Line-Interactive topology assures that normal supply will be maintained without recourse to the battery even with significant input deviations from reference values by constantly monitoring the input line for voltage fluctuation and auto-corrects mains output to connected load with very wide input window in-built AVR (162-290VAC).
This 2kVA Vectronic UPS provides excellent back-up for your Plasma TV and other Home Entertainment Systems, Workstation, Printers, Servers etc. It comes with a sleek and rugged metal enclosure and high power density to make it space-efficient. It provides seamless transition time so as to prevent any interruption of your work or damage to equipment while you can enjoy excellent support in the event of any challenge.


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